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Jungshin Fitness

Join us for a 2 Day Instructor Event​

Jungshin Fitness is a group fitness experience that uses a sword as a loaded momentum tool in multiple planes of motion to create bodies that have the ‘Martial artist look’. We use the sword to start and stop in different strike positions while integrating different stances.

The body responds by learning to create momentum from the core through to the extremities of the body while engaging the mind in a way that integrates the two together to build an ultimate living matrix of muscles and mind. The results are a body that looks good, moves well, and the belief that you can cut through all barriers in your life to create the body and life you want.

  Hurry time is running out on our early bird special.  Once it expires, then it will be regular price. 

Day 1 - Friday 3/22/19 - MASTERCLASS is FREE if you enroll in the instructor training on March 23rd, otherwise it's $25 per person

Masterclass for Fitness instructors and instructors of all styles of Martial Arts. The Masterclass is on Friday March 22nd from 2 – 4:30 PM. You must register for this event. Please complete the form below to register for the March 22nd MasterClass.

Day 2 - Jungshin Fitness Instructor Training, Saturday 3/23/19. Training is from 9 AM - 5:30 PM
Instructor training is open to anyone 18 years and over. Take your teaching to a whole new level. Add this amazing Sword Fitness program to your fitness classes. Don’t have fitness classes at your location? This is a great program to add to your schedule. Your members will love this new program and you can teach all ages.