Lama Gathering - The Method | MAX Martial Arts & Fitness

3 days of kung fu 
Friday March 27th- Sunday 29th
3 days!!! 8 seminars!!!

Each seminar is 4 hours long unless otherwise specified


Each seminar is 4 hours long.
You can sign up at the front desk or use the ticket link above for pricing options and to sign up.


#1 Friday, March 27th
10am-2 pm;
Training Fundamentals
Solo Exercises
Stances & Footwork
Hand & Leg Methods

Dai Moi Fah (Choy Lei Faht): All belt levels
Buddha Palm (Choy Lei Faht): Advanced only (adult Black Belts and higher)

#2 Friday, March 27th;
Hands Skills
Partner Exercises
Defense and Evasion Techniques
Counter Striking
Leg Range Keep Away Techniques
Destroy The Weapons / Break Up The Balance
Leg Technique Set ups
Combining Leg and Hand

Friday March 27th:
5pm – 7pm
Traditional Southern Kung-Fu Lion Dance with Sifu Rik Kellerman
*See details below

#3 Saturday, March 28th
10am-2 pm
Trapping and Grappling
Initial Contact To Trapping
Counter Trapping
Follow Up To Seizing / Grappling
Finishing Strikes or Take Down
Leg Catches / Takedowns / Sweeps

#4 Saturday, March 28th
Hand Work / Boxing
Grappling vs. Boxing
Kicking vs. Grappling

#5 Sunday, March 29th
10am-2 pm
Double Daggers: open to beginners through advanced; form and applications
3 Sectional Whip Chain: form and application (adult Black Belts and higher only)

Sunday, March 29th
HULK SMASH!!! GONG KIU-Hard Bridges Hung-Gar Kung-Fu’s “CRASHING BRIDGES” with Sifu Rik Kellerman
**See details below

Sunday, March 29th
Flow Like Water YAO KIU-Soft Bridges Sor Sao Faht-Hung-Gar Kung-Fu’s Trapping Hands with Sifu Rik Kellerman
***See details below

#6 Sunday, March 29th
Staff & Sword 2 levels: 1. Beginner 2. Intermediate/ Advanced
2 hours staff: basics, weapon sparring & form
2 hours sword: basics, weapon sparring & form

Refunds up to 7 days before the event. All refunds will be charged a 6% processing fee. Anyone under 18, who is new to MAX Martial Arts, must have a parent/guardian sign for them before the seminar.

Seminars with Sifu Rik Kellerman:
*The Southern Lion Dance of Fat San Province is known for its strong, energetic movements. What many do not know is that within the Lion Dance contain not only training methods to develop the body of a Kung-Fu practitioner: powerful legs, waist, back and arms, tremendous stamina, strong stances, and power generation, but also contained within the “Dance” are fighting applications. Lion Dancing IS Kung-Fu.
Hung-Gar Sifu Rik Kellerman will not only teach the basic training, and movements of the Southern Lion, but also the Fighting Applications hidden within the “Dance.”

**Hung-Gar Kung-Fu is known for its powerful strikes and bridging techniques. The Gong Kiu Sao Faht-Hard Bridge Hand Techniques teach the Fighter to crash right through the opponent’s defenses to overwhelm and subdue him, ending the fight in moments. Hung-Gar Sifu Rik Kellerman will take you through seven variations of Hard Bridges, practice hands-on applications and drills, and show you how to incorporate these simple techniques into your fighting.

***Water flows downhill, around rocks, through cracks and crevices. Hung-Gar’s Soft Bridge Hands do exactly that, flowing around and through your attacker’s defenses, until they hit their mark. In this seminar, Sifu Rik Kellerman will teach the Moi Fa Sao Faht-Plum Flower hands techniques, Phon-Sao-Trading Hands Entry Techniques, and the Mao Yi Sai Meen -“Cat washes hi face,” Trapping Skills, that earned him the nickname,”Gwaai Sao”,or- “Ghost Hands” in his younger days.

These seminars  open to anyone 13 years and over. 

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