Gathering 2020 - The Method | MAX Martial Arts & Fitness

Each seminar is 4 hours long

Take your training to the next level.  We will have morning and afternoon training seminars.

Options for Early bird (sign up by February 20th) 

1 seminar $99

2 Seminars $169 (save $29)

3 Seminars $209 (save $78)

4 Seminars $260 (save $136)

5 Seminars $325 (save $170)

6 Seminars $379 (save $215)

After Feb. 20th all prices go up by $20

By March 20th all prices go up by $25

Day of event all seminars are full price (no savings)

Each seminar is 4 hours long

Morning seminars are from 10 AM-2 PM

Afternoon seminars are from 3 – 7 PM


Friday Sessions

1: 10am-2 pm   2: 3pm-7pm

Saturday Sessions

3: 10am-2 pm   4: 3pm-7pm

Sunday Sessions

5: 10am-2 pm   6: 3pm-7pm

Hurry time is running out on our early bird special.  Once it expires, then it will be go up.


These are the topics that will be covered

Lama Pai Basics through fighting techniques, Theory, Forms and Sparring.


Weapons fighting techniques and Weapons Sparring.

Special Events for this Gathering

Lion Dance Seminar: Sifu Rik Kellerman of Ten Tigers Kung Fu: 

Learn all the parts of Lion Dance Head, Tail, Drum, Cymbal Gong & Monk

Double Daggers Weapons Form

3 Section Whip Chain. Chan Tai San’s Special Form


These seminars  open to anyone 13 years and over. 

Local hotels

Here’s a testimonial and a class in action.